Scary things to say to people

Things that make you dead

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There are scary things in this world. There is pee-your-pants scary, crap-your-pants scary, and kill-you-scary. You can say these things to people, but don't say you made it up or else I will hire a hitman to make you some cement shoes by the docks (thats one of the scary things). I'll only list the best threats. Below I'll list good weapons to kill people with. I'm not a freak or a killer or anything, I am just wierd. Please forgive me.

The classic. Cut throats, legs, stomachs, stab, slash, etc. Also available in machete, swords and razor blade.
Use for shooting. Drive bys, snipings, interrogations, robberies, and almost anything. Available in many forms. Machine, hand, shotguns and snipers being the best choices.
Available only on the black market and people who served in the wars. Used for blowing up stuff. 'Nuff said.
-Molotov Cocktails-
M.C.'s are bottles of gasoline that have a short fuse. They are fire weapons, not explosives.
Flamethrowers are used to spit out flames and catch things on fire. Like people, animals, buildings and commiting arson.
Used to cut things up. Like Jason does. They can also be used to cut down trees, but who does?
-Brass Knuckles-
Directions) Put on your knuckles. Punch with left hand. Punch with right hand. Repeat as many times as desired.
I'll add more later.

Kill-You Scary
"I'm going to nail your testacles to the wall until they lose blood and turn black and dry up then they will fall off and I will cram them down your throat with a screwdriver and make you swallow them."
"I'm going to kick you in the balls so hard that when you go pee instead of urine blood will come out and you will slowly lose all your blood and you will get lightheaded and you won't be able to stop and it will burn very badly and then you will kill yourself to get out of the misery."
"I'm gonna tie you to a chair with barbwire and cut off your knuckles, then your nipples, then your lips and then I'll scalp you with a steak knife and pry your eyeballs out and shove them in your mouth."
"I'll impregnate you, then after 5 months I will cut out the fetus and make you eat it."

Mr. Moran is a freak and he rapes little girls and says "Damn good".

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